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Campground site with tent, car, picnic table, and firepit

Lafayette Place Campground is located in the heart of Franconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains. The site serves as a great base for plenty of activities with access to trailheads, bike paths, and lakes. The sites on the property are not known to be the largest or most private. If convenience is the priority, this is a great campground option. For something more remote and off-grid in the New England area, check out Baxter State Park in Maine.

If you plan on doing the Franconia Ridge Loop, check out the Franconia Ridge Guide for everything you need to know about the hike ahead of time.


  1. The campground is situated in Franconia Notch State Park. The park consists of an 8-mile stretch of valley between the Franconia Ridge and Kinsman Ridge. I-93 extends throughout the entire pass, and the park is situated entirely in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
  2. There’s direct walking access to Franconia Ridge hike, Franconia Notch bike path, Profile Lake (popular for fishing), and more
  3. Lincoln, NH is only a 15 minute drive away for any purchases needed before reaching the grounds


Book reservations here on the New Hampshire State Park website

  1. Cost – $25 / night
  2. Reservations are available between mid-May and mid-October
  3. Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance. I recommend at least 2 weeks in advance for July – August as they can fill up quick
  4. Pets are not allowed


(PDF link for downloading purposes)

  1. Some of the campsites can run small, and some are not the most private
  2. Aim for sites towards the back of the campgrounds if proximity to the main cabin is not a priority. Sites closer to the front can hear background noise from the highway.
  3. We stayed at Site 16 during our time there, which was situated in an expansive field. Great for a potential storm but otherwise no privacy.
  4. Additional site recommendations from reviews: ‘Site 30 is great and has no neighbors on either side.’ & ‘Site 4 is kind of private and near bathrooms, showers and store. Downside is that it’s near the highway.’


  1. Check-in is between 1-8PM. Be sure to call ahead if you won’t be there in time to keep your reservation.
  2. Payment can be made with cash or card
  3. Checkout is 11AM on the last day of your reservation


  1. Every site comes with a picnic table, parking, and an open fireplace
  2. The main lodge is open from 8AM – 9PM daily. It offers an array of camping supplies, and you can also talk to rangers if you have any questions.
  3. Firewood is sold for $5 a bundle, and fire starters for $.50 each. Someone I talked to at the campground had been there a few times and highly recommended the starters they have.
  4. Coin-operated showers are available for around $1 for 5 minutes. For an extra 2-4 quarters you can add a couple more minutes to your shower. The lodge will have change if you don’t have any!
  5. Water spouts are placed sporadically throughout the grounds
  6. Toilets are available in 3 different areas, showers are available in 2 (Checkout the map for more specifics)
  7. Trash and recycling are available next to the main lodge
  8. Service can be spotty on the grounds depending on the service you have. I have Verizon and had virtually no service, but my friend had T-Mobile and had great service.
  9. No pets are allowed


  1. Watch out for bears! A bear showed up around dinner time during our stay there, and had to be removed by the rangers. Be sure to leave any food and toiletries in your car at the end of the night.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Lafayette Place Campgrounds. Be sure to leave a comment below if you have anything to add!

And remember, Always Embrace the Adventure

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