Do we need to provide props?
I have a good selection of props, but if you have 
specific items included, you can provide them to me. 
I am also open to sourcing specific props for an 
additional fee. 

How long of a notice do I need to book?
Typically, it should take 1-2 weeks from your
initial inquiry.

How long is turnaround?
Once I have the products, I usually can have final photos 
delivered in 10 days. This could be longer if there is a 
large volume of pictures or any special editing requests.

Do you provide different packages?
Yes, send me your requirements and I can provide you 
with different package options. I also offer custom options
as well.   

I’m not located in NJ, can I still work with you?
Yes! You can ship your products to me, and I can 
return them after the shoot. Get in touch for specific
details on this. 

Have more questions?
Shoot me a message!